The Plan

Eating is simply one of life’s greatest pleasures.

A Healthy Body

Stocking your pantry and refrigerator with healthy choices is a great first step in your journey to better health. You will notice that some “healthy” foods can be freely eaten while others are still to be eaten in moderation.

There are two different tiers to choose from depending on your personal desires and challenges. Each plan has a 40 day cleanse.


40 Day Approved Food List

Both tiers use this this food list to help you know what to eat. Using this list, you can find your perfect balance of produce, protein, and beverage needs. Download the list and take it with you next time you go shoppoing.

Tier One: All At Once

Tier 1 is broken down into two parts. First you cut everything unhealthy out of your diet. For the last half of the plan, you add back in some grains and meat.

Tier Two: Week by Week

Tier 2 removes unhealthy foods week by week to make the diet easier to start. If this is your first time on a cleanse or need to ease your self into it, start here.